New Innovative Products

  • Self-Cleaning and Silver-Infused Bamboo Towel

  • Socks Shoes - Feel the Ground

    A barefoot, minimalist shoe that’s designed to let your feet do what they’re meant to do
  • The worlds Smartest laptop Sleeve

    Global tracking | Wireless Charging | RFID | Luxury Patina Leather | Legendary Craftsmanship
  • The Most Powerful 3-in-1 3D DIY Printer Ever

    A powerful creative tool that combines 3 essential features: Detailed 3D printing, Dual color 3D printing and Laser Engraving
  • BeYou, Transforming Chair With 10 Ways You Can Sit

    Focus, relax & work comfortably in many positions that feel great to be you
  • Self-balancing Cupholder, Snack Holder, Phone Stand

    The gyroscope system ensures your cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven or soft the surface you put the Couch Console on is.
  • Mudra Band - Touch Free Control for Apple Watch

    With Mudra Band, you get to control your watch using only the hand
  • Discreet Security Camera USB Phone Charger

    Protect your home 24/7 from your device
  • LinkLens: The World's 1st Open Air Smart Audio Snow Goggles

    Music Playing | Phone Calling | Voice Assistant | Wind Noise Cancellation | Single-Ear Mode | Uni-body Design | Comfort-Fit | Anti-fog
  • Portable Thermometer For Mobile Devices

    ThermGo is a portable thermometer phone accessory that works with all mobile devices. No battery is needed, simply plug it into your phone or tablet to instantly measure temperature on persons, objects, or surfaces. It provides accurate temperature reading instantly and can log and track data in-app to monitor changes.
  • World's 1st Auto-foldable 3-axis Phone Gimbal

    Auto Setup & Folding | 3-axis Stabilizing | Built-in Tripod | One-Click Flip | Gesture Controls | 280g Super-lightweight | AI Tracking
  • Wireless DMX RGBW Lighting For Photo & Video

    Instantly apply animated, sound-reactive effects and movie looks from your phone or dmx devices.