American Girl Girl Of The Year Joss’s Volkswagen Surf Bus


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Joss loves riding to the beach in her brother Liam’s surf van;it has everything they need for a great day in the sun. They can sleep, watch videos, and hang out between surf sessions, and there’s plenty of pretend food to snack on! It has working headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, and radio. There are sounds for the horn and ignition, and a button to push to hear a message from Joss. Plus, there’s a storage bench that folds into a bed, a pop-up stove, and a fold-out table. Set also includes:Two graphic throw pillows for lounging, A bed pillow for sleeping, A blanket and sleeping bag for camping out in the van, A mattress for the fold-out bed, A zigzag pattern rug to keep sand off the van floor, A beach scene towel for drying off, Two sticker sheets to decorate the interior and exterior of the van, Cooking supplies including a pot, a pan, and tongs for making meals on the pullout stove, A vase and flower that’s affixed to the dashboard, A laptop with two reversible laptop screens to edit videos and register for the surfing competition, Five photos of cheer competitions and surfing, A map of surf hotspots to keep in the glove compartment, A surf magazine that includes an article about Tina Hart, Joss’s surfing idol, A plate with a cool wave graphic, A juice can and a smoothie bottle that both fit in the van’s cup holder, A burrito and a sandwich for quick grab-and-go lunches, A parfait with fruit, yogurt, and granola and a spoon to eat it with, A bag of pretzels to snack on, A bunch of bananas and a container of raspberries, Two popsicles with wrappers, A surfboard that Joss won in the surfing competition and two rack straps to attach it to the van’s roof rack, A skateboard Joss can use to practice her surfing moves out of the water, A dog bowl for when Joss’s bulldog, Murph, comes to the beach, A first aid bag with two bandage stickers, ointment, a bandage wrap, an ice pack, scissors, five gauze pads, pain reliever, peroxide, and a first-aid book in case of accidents, A video projector with a fabric screen and a set of image discs for watching surf videos on the beach, A piece of chicken and a spatula to cook out, A fried egg, pancakes, and bacon for the perfect beach breakfast, A pretend cooler to keep all the food and drinks chilled.

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