American Girl Kira’s Comfy Platform Tent


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Kira and Alexis share the Wallaroo tent in the bush camp, which also has tents for Alexis’s parents and the researchers. The tents are elevated on platforms and have curtains for privacy–and to keep out critters. Kira’s tent includes:
• A comfy camping tent structure with poles, connectors, and a canopy
• A mosquito-net curtain set to keep out bugs
• A mattress that goes right on the platform floor
• A colorful woven blanket
• A pink plush pillow for comfy sleeping
• A cute throw pillow with a koala print on the front
• A textured faux-fur seat cushion that can be used as an ottoman or an extra table
• A vanity table with a speckled vessel sink and storage below for holding Kira’s toiletries
• A mirror that hangs from the framework of the tent
• A bottle of soap for washing up before meals
• A can of dry shampoo so Kira can go longer between showers• Two blue towels that can be rolled up and stored in the vanity
• A toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste
• A container of bug spray
• A box of tissues
• A kids’ nature magazine with original stories and art inside
• A reversible sign that says “G’Day!” on one side and “Welcome” on the other, that can hang from hooks on the platform’s front railing or on the pole at the peak of the tent
• A printed poster with art that highlights the flowers of Australia and can be hung from the hooks on the clips that attach to the tent framework
• A camera with a finger clip so she can hold it
• A set of photos of Australian wildlife that Kira sees at the sanctuary
• A clothespin photo hanger with three permanently attached clips with slots the photos slide into
• A lantern that lights up the inside of the tent and flickers just like a real lantern—it’s designed to hang on the pole at the tent’s peak

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