American Girl Kira’s Wildlife Rescue Set


SKU: DPSP-IN887961950908


Kira isn’t sure if she wants to be a veterinarian like Aunt Mamie or a scientist like Auntie Lynette. Either way, she knows she wants to spend time caring for and learning about animals. She’s ready to do just that with this set that includes:
•A wagon Kira can pull around, with a rear gate that folds down to fit the animal carrier
•An animal carrier that has a handle the doll can hold, and fits the wombat for transport or safekeeping
•A plush wombat that fits inside the carrier
•A pair of binoculars to search for birds like the Paradise Parrot, with hand straps so the doll can hold them
•A patterned blanket that Kira can wrap around a frightened animal to comfort it
•A walkie talkie with Kira’s name on the front so she can talk with the others when she’s out in the bush
•A bandage to wrap around an animal’s leg if it’s injured



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