American Girl Tenney’s Performance Stage and Dressing Room Dollhouse


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Tenney is so excited to perform her music. She can get ready for her show in the dressing room, then take the stage to play her guitar! Ready To Ship

This 2-in-1 play set features a stage on one side and dressing room on the other, and includes:


  • A stage with walls and a floor where Tenney performs her music;
  • 2 spotlights that really work, plus 4 colored inserts to change the mood;
  • An amplifier that plays a song and crowd applause, a microphone, and a guitar stand;
  • A cord that connects the amplifier to your audio device (not included);
  • A tambourine Tenney can really hold;
  • A set of stage curtains;
  • 4 music posters and 4 frames;
  • An On Air sign that lights up;
  • A dressing table and chair for getting ready for the show;
  • Pretend makeup compact and puff;
  • A hair clip that was a gift from her sister;
  • Faux flower bouquet in a vase;
  • Pretend sandwich, grapes, water bottle, and plate;
  • Two floor rugs;
  • A cozy robe;
  • A robe hook, guitar hook, and hanger;
  • Two show tickets;
  • Button-cell batteries included.
  • Guitar, banjo, and electronic music player not included.  Also requires 4 AA and 3 AAA batteries, not included. Adult assembly required.


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