BigMouth Long Dog Sprinkler


SKU: DPSP-IN840092704154


Lawn sprinklers are for watering grass. This sprinkler is for blowing minds. And hot dog, that’s one HECK of a sprinkler! The Long Dog sprays upward from tip to tail, perfect for jumping over, running along, and just generally going wild. It’s an absolute essential for family BBQs, birthday parties, family reunions, and sunny Saturdays. Just hook it up to a regular old garden hose and you’re ready to party. Good boy.


•       Stretch out summer parties with this giant weiner dog sprinkler. Water sprays from his head to tail for a great time.       

•       The dog’s curved shape allows for jumping and hurdling through the spraying water.        

•       Attaches to any standard garden hose.          

•       Perfect for parties and heat waves!

•       Over 160 inches long



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