Pomango Advent Calendar Ensemble


SKU: DPSP-IN804994290825


This kit includes:
•The Advent book
•Hanging Felt Advent Calendar
•25 repositionable velcro ornaments
•Large pockets, one of which is the perfect size to store the Advent book
•Bonus: Advent Calendar poster and 24 repositionable stickers

The Advent Calendar is the new way to count down the days until Christmas. Every day decorate your tree with a new ornament and when it’s all done and fully decorated, it’ll be Christmas! The Advent Book offers many acts of kindness to inspire you every day during the holiday season. Its colorful and eyecatching design will please to all children and parents. These fun decorations represent 25 Christmas characters, from Santa Claus and the Star Fairy to children’s favorite animals.

•Calendar Dimensions: 22 ” x 39.5 ”
Made of Minky, 100% Polyester
Design: Sandra Bean
•Book Dimensions: 8 ” x 9.5 ”
64 pages, hardcover
Text: Mylène Purcell
Illustration: Sandra Bean



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