Rugged Racers Kids Scooter With Unicorn Print Design


SKU: DPSP-IN7426978500053


This 3-wheeled kick scooter by Rugged Riders, is perfect for introducing your child to the exciting world of outdoor sports and scooting. It has an adjustable handle that allows you to adjust the height as your child grows and makes it suitable for kids up to ages 7. Designed and engineered with first timers in mind, it’s learn-to-steer mechanical system makes scooting easy by steering in the direction that the child shifts its weight towards. Be the coolest kid at the park with its motion activated LED lights that are embedded in the wheels, making this scooter not only functional, but stylish as well. The standing deck is designed with an extra wide neck, large enough to fit both feet, making your child feel safe as they learn to ride. Its easy-store collapsible system makes this scooter simple to take in the car and stowaway when longer in use.



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