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FIRed Up X Heated Apparel Glove Liners X-Small

FIRed Up X Heated Apparel Glove Liners X-Small

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Deal Date: 2019-11-17
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The FIRed Up X heated compression glove liner is made from a stretch Lycra fabric and is designed to be worn under any outer glove, basically turning it into a heated glove without compromising your sense of style. There is hardly any loss in dexterity.

  • Infrared heating pads
  • Infrared heating zones are located in all five fingers as well as on the back of the hand
  • Added zipper allows for easy wear ability
  • Lithium-polymer batteries go discreetly at the top of the wrist in the gauntlet pocket
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Can be changed from the temperature control button on gauntlet
  • 1-2 hours of heat in high (red light at 60 °C/140 °F), 2-3 hours in medium (white light at 45 °C/113 °F) and 3-4 hours at low (blue light at 30 °C/86 °F)

Available in 4 unisex sizes:
  • X-small (for ladies XXS, XS and men XS)
  • Small (for ladies XS, S, M and men S)
  • Medium (for ladies M, L, XL and men M, L)
  • Large (for ladies XL, 2XL and men L, XL, 2XL)

Manufacturer's Warranty:
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty on manufacturing defects

  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Infrared heating pads