Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey
Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey

Fitbit Ionic Watch - Charcoal/Graphite Grey

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The Fitbit Ionic is not just about movement; it's also about mindfulness. Improve your health every day with personalized coaching and PurePulse continuous heart rate for real-time stats whether you're on the move or meditating. Store and play over 300 songs or make payments with the built-in NFC chip. All this and so much more is housed in a sleek nano-moulded case.
  • Dynamic coaching: Step-by-step coaching will integrate a healthy way of living into your current lifestyle for stress-free change of pace
  • Challenge your score: Cardio Fitness Score assesses your fitness level so you can adapt and improve over time
  • Pick your mode: Choose Run, Bike, and other multi-sport modes to track your workout and display live stats, or let SmartTrack automatically record your exercises
  • PurePulse continuous heart rate: Technology provides real time stats as you run, ride, swim, and more, and lets you measure your health and fitness over time by tracking calories and workout intensity
  • From dawn to dusk: All-day activity is tracked, including sleep, so you can count even the small victories, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or going to bed earlier than usual
  • Sleep monitoring: Sleep Stages uses PurePulse heart rate so that Fitbit Ionic can track your light, deep, and REM sleep
  • Keep it moving: Stay active throughout your day with the onscreen Reminders to Move that keep you moving with mini-goals of 250 steps per hour
  • Meditate and regulate: Guided breathing sessions bring serenity to your day with personalized breathing sessions based on your heart rate
  • Heart healthy: Resting heart rate tracking provides an essential overview of your cardiovascular healthy and its progress over time
  • Rise and shine: Silent vibrating alarm wakes you up gently and peacefully, so you don't have to be a morning person to start the day cheerfully
  • Music storage: Store and play over 300 songs so you can motivate your movement with your favourite tunes, without the distraction of a phone
  • Go the distance: Built-in GPS/GLONASS keeps you on pace by showing you how much distance you've achieved
  • Long lasting: 4 day battery life keeps your Fitbit up and running -- just like you (battery life and charge cycles vary with use, settings, and other factors; actual results will vary)
  • NFC chip: Built-in NFC chip lets you make payments on the go, so you won't be caught without a way to pay for that rejuvenating smoothie at the gym
  • Keep connected: Smartphone notifications with call, text, app, and calendar alerts keep you connected with your phone when it's nearby
  • See your progress: Fitbit dashboard provides a localized spot for you to set goals, track progress, and monitor your nutrition, hydration, and sleep
  • Stay in the zone: Run Detect automatically starts Run Mode and GPS during runs, while Auto Pause automatically pauses the workout when you need a water break, so you can focus on your movement, not your Fitbit
  • Style it your way: Fitbit Ionic clock face is customizable with unique designs, and stylish accessory bands can be switched with sport, leather, and other styles using the quick-release button
  • Easy reading: High-resolution colour touchscreen is made from scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for sharp graphics and has a brightness up to 1000 nits, so the screen remains easily visible during those early morning jogs
  • Tough as nails: Nano-moulded 6000 series aluminum watch case is lightweight and durable, so you can forge trails and climb mountains without worry
  • Splash friendly: Water resistant up to 50 metres, so you can track your swims and hop in the shower post-workout
  • Connect and sync wirelessly: Automatically syncs to computers and over 200 iPhone, Android, and Windows devices
  • One for all: The Fitbit app gallery keeps apps for sport, weather, and more all in one place

Details & Specs
GPS      Yes
Band Colour      Charcoal
Band Size      Not Applicable
Case Colour      Smoke Grey
Case Material      Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Voice Commands      No
Designed for Sports & Fitness      Yes
Water Resistance      Yes

Touchscreen      Yes
Display Technology      LDC
Illuminated Display      Yes
Display Colour      Full Colour
Colour Depth      1000 nits

NFC Enabled      Yes
Smart Phone Synchronization      Yes
Data Syncing      Yes
Wireless Syncing      Yes
Real Time Data Syncing      Yes

Activity Monitoring Features
Goal Setting      Manual
Calories Tracking      Yes
Steps Tracking      Yes
Distance Tracking      Yes
Running Tracking      Yes
Elevation Tracking      Yes
Sleep Tracking      Yes
Heart Rate      Yes
Body Temperature      Yes
Perspiration      No

Notifications & Controls
Incoming Calls      Yes
Missed Calls      Yes
Answering Calls      No
Smart Phone Battery Alert      No
Music Controls      Yes
Camera Control      No
Find My Phone      No
Gesture/Motion Control      Yes
Email      Yes
Calendar      Yes
SMS      Yes
Facebook      Yes
Twitter      Yes
Instagram      Yes
Google+      Yes
Weather      Yes
Silent Alarm      Yes
Alarm      Yes
Vibration      Yes
Illuminated Alerts      Yes

Number Of Sensors      6
Accelerometer      Yes
UV Index Monitor      No
Ambient Light Sensor      Yes
Compass      No
Altimeter      Yes
Ambient Temperature      No
Barometer      No

Other Features
Built-in Storage Capacity      2.5 GB
Built-in Mic      No
Built-in Speaker      No

Physical Features
Adjustable Band      Yes
Removable Band      Yes
Number of Physical Buttons      3
Dust Proof      Yes

Mac iOS Compatibility      yes
Android Compatibility      Yes
Windows Phone Compatibility      Yes
Mac OS X Compatibility      yes
Windows PC Compatibility      Yes
Companion App Required      Yes

Approximate Number of Apps Available      6

Power Type      Battery Powered
Battery Type      Lithium-ion
Battery Life (Typical)      4+ d
Charging Time      2 h
Charging Method      USB Cable
Width      3.86 cm
Depth      25.65 cm
Height      1.24 cm
Weight      50 g