2-Pack Old El Paso Stand N’ Stuff Tacos, Dinner Kit, 10 Tacos


SKU: DPSP-LL21494000_EA


Elevate your taco nights to new heights with Old El Paso Stand n’ Stuff Taco Shells. These innovative hard taco shells boast a unique flat bottom design, allowing you to effortlessly assemble and fill your tacos while keeping them upright and ready for devouring. Their easy-to-hold shape ensures you can savour your favourite fillings without making a mess. Crafted to cater to different dietary preferences, these scrumptious corn taco shells are entirely gluten-free, offering a delectable alternative to traditional tortilla shells. Made with high-quality ingredients such as yellow corn flour, Old El Paso taco shells deliver authentic flavour and a satisfying crunch with every bite. Enjoy a hassle-free and delicious taco experience with these stand and stuff taco shells that will undoubtedly become a staple in your kitchen. Contains 133 g of taco shells in total.

  • FLAT-BOTTOMED CRUNCHY SHELLS: Revolutionize your taco nights with these Old El Paso Gluten Free Stand n’ Stuff Taco Shells featuring a flat bottom design; Effortlessly fill your tacos and watch while they stand tall on your plate, ready for devouring
  • EASY TO FILL: Our unique hard taco shells are thoughtfully designed for easy filling; Savour your favourite taco without the mess, thanks to their convenient shape
  • ADD FAVOURITE MEAT & TOPPINGS: Our versatile taco kit set allows you to add your favourite meat and toppings to your tacos shells; Create your own taco masterpiece with every bite
  • YELLOW CORN FLOUR: Crafted with premium yellow corn flour, these Old El Paso gluten free taco shells deliver an authentic and delectable flavour; Trust in the quality of our corn shells for your taco nights
  • CONTAINS: 133 g, 10 ct

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