American Girl Joss’s Cheer Practice Equipment And Joss’s Cheer Practice Outfit


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Joss struggles with some of the cheer moves at first, but she soon finds that the better she gets at tumbling, the more her surfing improves too. Includes: A blue floor mat for safety as she practices tumbling and jumps. A wedge mat to help her learn tumbling skills, especially back walkovers. A stunt stand that helps her improve her balance for being a flyer. A water bottle to keep her hydrated. An ice pack and wrap bandage for those minor bumps and bruises from tumbling and trampoline.

Whether she’s tumbling, doing stunts, or jumping on the trampoline, Joss loves flipping through the air and being part of a team. Outfit includes:

  • Stretchy black leggings with contrast stitching that allow her to do cheer jumps with ease
  • A sports top with a cheer graphic she wears to practice
  • A sheer silver-print tank top that ties at the back
  • Slip-on sandals with the Nfinity® logo to wear to and from practice
  • A headband she can wear to keep her hearing aid from falling out when she’s doing stunts

Doll sold separately.


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